excess fat has a negative effect on a cat's health

  • Exercise becomes difficult and unpleasant

  • It decreases the quality of the cat's life and reduces life expectancy

  • It increases the risk of medical issues (such as diabetes, bone & joint diseases and urinary tract disorders)

did you know?

Benefits of having a healthy weight

More Active

More Playful

Enjoy Life More

Less Anxious

More Interactive

Longer Life

Tips to help your cat lose weight

Introduce the Royal Canin® Satiety Veterinary Diet in her Weight Management Programme

Supports safe weight loss and helps avoid weight regain. 97% of cats lost weight over a 3 month period.

High natural fibre level helps keep cats satisfied between meals. Helped control begging in 82% of cats during weight loss.

High protein content helps support healthy weight loss while maintaining muscle mass.

Enriched with nutrients to ensure optimal intake of proteins, minerals and vitamins during a weight loss programme.

We're engaging industry organizations with similar missions to join the campaign.

Our partners:

SPCA Selangor is a well-respected and trusted animal welfare Non-Profit Organisation based in Ampang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

The registered society, AnimalCare (Persatuan Penyayang Haiwan Petaling, Selangor) is founded to promote the practice of CNRM (Care-Neuter-Rehome/Return-and-Manage) for street animals.

International Cat Care (www.icatcare.org) is a not-for-profit organisation. Their preventive healthcare programme strives to improve the overall welfare & health of cats worldwide.