How are cat's neutered?

Neutering/castration is a surgical procedure, carried out under general anaesthesia and aimed at preventing reproduction.

It is an irreversible procedure:
a neutered cat will no longer be able to have a kitten.


Castration consists of the removal of both testicles. This is carried out through an incision at the scrotum.


The operation consists of removing either the ovaries (ovariectomy) or the ovaries & uterus (ovariohysterectomy).

The best time for neutering

*Kindly consult your vet for the best procedure that suits your cat.

change in nutritional needs of neutered cats

keeping your cat healthy after neutering

Reduce calorie intake by 25-33% by reducing the amount fed or feeding a diet with lower calorie density e.g. neutered cat diet

Poor control of calorie intake may be exacerbated by diets which fail to induce satiety, particularly if highly palatable, energy dense & fed ad libitum

5-10 minutes of active play once to twice daily significantly increases calorie demand

Introduce the Royal Canin® Neutered Satiety Balance to keep her at an optimum health and maintain her coat health after neutering.

Combination of selected fibres, helps limit spontaneous consumption by increasing interval time between meals, therefore energy intake.

Helps maintain ideal weight thanks to a low-calorie formula

A diet enriched in Psyllium increases viscosity & helps trap hair in the digestive tract. And insoluble fibres that stimulates normal peristaltism. Helps the elimination of the ingested hair in the feces.

A combination of niacin, choline, histidine and pantothenic acid helps reduce water losses through the skin and strengthen the barrier effect of the skin.

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SPCA Selangor is a well-respected and trusted animal welfare Non-Profit Organisation based in Ampang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

The registered society, AnimalCare (Persatuan Penyayang Haiwan Petaling, Selangor) is founded to promote the practice of CNRM (Care-Neuter-Rehome/Return-and-Manage) for street animals.

International Cat Care (www.icatcare.org) is a not-for-profit organisation. Their preventive healthcare programme strives to improve the overall welfare & health of cats worldwide.